Practice Areas

Investment Laws and Free‐Zones

Keeping in view the exponential growth of trade and business ventures in the
country, we offer legal consultancy and advice to Arab and foreign traders looking to
invest in or establish a business in the region. Initiating a venture is a daunting and
tricky task that requires expert legal support in case matters prove difficult. Hence,
we provide investors with the security and liberty they deserve while safeguarding
their interests: we offer it all here!
We also provide advice and litigation support geared towards the increase in free
zones in the country. Our services range from preparing contracts and establishing
businesses to amending the existing Memorandum of Association. We have tackled
many such cases, and our committed efforts have yielded results that have pleased
our clientele.

Commercial Law​

Commerciality is one of the essences of a state’s economy, and the United Arab
Emirates has proven to be a giant in this regard. Legal services and advice in this field
are considered crucial concerning the representation of companies and entities
handling a company at multiple phases. The benefits include commercial agencies
and sales contracts. Sale and purchase agreements, adding and licensing commercial
activities, joint ventures, bankruptcy, insolvency, national and international trade,
and the formation of different trade contracts. Given the vastness of fraud and
counterfeiting, we specialize in this area, where investors and businesses are
vulnerable. It is indeed a very sensitive matter.

Personal Affair Law

We provide expert legal services at the individual level and litigation support for
many such cases, including divorce cases that, without proper guidance and support,
can become lengthy and messy. Thus, such cases are handled with utmost precision.
We also deal with Khula cases, which can be tricky and require professional legal
guidance that helps protect the victim’s interests. Our team also tackles alimony and
custody cases, aiming to maintain the highest level of moral integrity, which plays a
massive role in safeguarding the rights of the offender.

Family Law

The family is the primary asset in society. The stability of family values dictates the
integrity of a community. Nurture and environment play a huge role in an individual’s.
character development and tendencies. At Al Bannai Consultancy, we strive to
protect the victims’ rights in various family cases. We are here to enforce an
amicable and equitable status among the affected parties in the dispute. Our
members specializing in this field have the erudition to offer pragmatic solutions to
family disputes while protecting the victims’ rights.
We offer a wide variety of services in this regard, including divorce cases, child
custody cases, domestic violence disputes, property tussles, and pre‐ as well as post‐
nuptial agreements to provide a safe way in or out of matrimony. We also entertain
maintenance claims.

Labor Law

Labor laws demarcate the dynamic between employees (labor), the nature of
employment, trade unions, and the government. Individual labor laws concern
workers’ rights at the site and through the employment contract. Collective labor
laws delineate the trifocal relationship between the laborer, his employer, and the
union he is a part of. Moral norms and technical benchmarks define employment
standards. These must be clearly described to set the framework for a socially
acceptable work environment. We provide our services and litigation support to the
employee and the employer to create a balanced work environment.

Registration and Patent Law

We admit the importance of timely and well‐defined registration of patents as well
as intellectual property protection to preserve the credibility of individuals and/or
entities behind these endeavors.
We also provide legal support in cases of industrial fees and rights. Some prominent
services in this field include the registration of trademarks, patents, and industry
models; intellectual property registration; the sale of intellectual work rights; and
assignment among the purchasers. We also represent parties in cases presented
before the Hearing Dispute Committee. We also provide services to protect regional
copies and trademarks in the international community.

Incorporation of Companies

The services provide skilled legal guidance and litigation for the registration of
companies and establishments. We specialize in cases regarding addendums of
amendments. These cases are handled by the local and central courts and
departments. These cases hold a crucial status before departments of economic

Criminal Law

Criminal law deals with the system of legal rules that decide what constitutes a crime
and how individuals committing such crimes may be prosecuted and punished. In the
United Arab Emirates, Criminal laws are derived from the Sharia. Our team of
experienced lawyers and advocates, backed by seasoned legal researchers and
advisors, represents clients in cases involving criminal law, tackles the case fairly and
legally, and strives to dispense swift justice. They work hard to make sure the case is
summarized in the first instance.

Civil Law

Civil law in the UAE is governed by a combination of federal and local laws, as well as
Islamic law (Sharia). Civil law in the UAE covers a wide range of legal issues, including
contracts, property, tort, and corporate governance. The legal system in the UAE is
divided into federal and emirate‐level laws, and both federal and emirate‐level
courts are responsible for hearing civil cases. Federal laws apply throughout the UAE,
while emirate‐level laws may vary depending on the emirate in which the case is
being heard. Civil law cases in the UAE are generally heard by the courts, although
alternative dispute resolution methods, such as mediation or arbitration, may also be
available in certain cases. A legal firm like Ahmad Al Bannai Lawyers can provide
expert legal representation, support, and guidance throughout the legal process.
Ahmad Al Bannai Lawyers are experienced in handling civil law cases in the UAE, and
we are here to provide expert legal representation,

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