Ahmad AlBannai Advocates and Legal Consultants

We provide expert legal advice and litigation support across various services and sectors.

Our Team

We are a group of very skilled and educated legal experts. All of our team members have the proper licenses and certifications to work and operate in the UAE

Our Vision

Our goal is to give customers the legal help they require, in a way that sets a high standard for excellence and professionalism in the legal field throughout the Middle East.

Our Mission

We recognize the individuality of each case that comes to us. Our mission is to consistently exceed expectations and ensure that the law is upheld to the highest standard

Over 20+ Years of Experiences

At Ahmad Al Bannai Advocates and Legal Consultants, we are a team of experts who provide
comprehensive legal services to a wide range of businesses, industries, and individuals. Our team
includes senior lawyers, legal consultants, and researchers with expertise in their respective fields.
We have over 20 years of experience in a variety of individual and corporate legal issues and a
proven track record of managing high-profile and complex cases.

Founded by Mr. Ahmad Ali Al Bannai, a devoted lawyer in the GCC region, it was driven by the
ambition of providing a platform for the offended and the voiceless.
At Ahmad Al Bannai Advocates & Legal Consultants, Mr. Ahmad Ali Bannai leads a team of high
qualified lawyers dedicated to the delivery of superior legal services to clients in the UAE. We are
committed to providing the public with quarterly reports on legal issues related to the establishment
and operation of business in and around Dubai.

We are proud and responsible for our commitment to ensuring that our clients obtain fair and
reasonable results. To date, we have successfully handled over 3000 cases as a result of the diligence
and commitment of our 4+ experienced attorneys, legal advisors, and 5+ legal researchers.
We value our commitment and believe that truth prevails regardless of the circumstances.


Clients Served


Success Rate

30 Years

Cumulative Experience


Firm is located in the heart of Dubai

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Ahmad Al bannai advocates & legal Consultants Suite 502, AWRostamani building, al Itihad Road, Deira,

T : +971 56 992 6996
F : +971 42949004

Justice Drives Us

We are committed to upholding the law and ensuring that our clients are protected and represented to the fullest.

Let us fight for you in court and get you the defense you deserve!

Every case we handle is approached with the utmost dedication and care, with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome for our clients. Our team of legal professionals is highly skilled and experienced, and we are proud to be a leading law firm in the region, known for our commitment to justice and excellence.

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